Fun and energetic. Not too complicated for a newbie but still good enough for an exercise pro.Type your paragraph here. 


Come ready to have fun 

Instructor very likeable and motivating 

Great and fun class! Upbeat atmosphere! 

Be prepared to have fun.

Get ready for a fun workout that will make you smile!! Teacher Jen is so genuine, knowledgable and pleasant that you will be addicted by the end of your first class! Don't forget your yoga mat!

The instructor is enthusiastic, fun, well-trained and gears her classes to those participating - over 50 women 

My friends warned me about Groupons, saying they'd had bad experiences where the issuing company made it difficult for them to use their Groupons, so I was relieved that you made it so easy and were so accommodating. Thanks!

VIA Fit Fab N' Fired Up Facebook Page

5 stars - Jennifer is amazing. She's created an atmosphere that is energizing and fun. You will sweat, you will laugh, you will love her classes! 
- Chrissy M 12-16-2014

5 stars - Love doing Zumba classes with Jenn! Good pace, easy to follow and a great work out!
- Cheryl J 03-25-2014

5 stars - Love all 3 of Jennifer's classes (Zumba, Downdawg Yoga and Bellyfit). They are all so much fun, energizing and it doesn't feel like you are exercising at all. We actually look forward to going every week, believe it!
- Barbara C 08-23-2014

5 stars - Fun, friendly and non-threatening atmosphere. Feeling energized both physically and mentally since going on a regular basis. Namaste Jenn!!!
- Catherine N 03-12-2014

5 stars - Friendly, great teaching, non threatening environment for those new to fitness.
- Alyssa O 12-13-2014

About me... that is vulnerable thing to state about ones self... but this is my webpage and this is my story. I am Jennifer and I am just like you .... I wasn’t always a fitness instructor, just a few years ago I was well over 200 lbs, miserable, undriven and unfocused. Then in September 2010 I found Zumba® and was addicted! It wasn't easy in fact it was hard but it kicked my butt and I wanted more. 

But, as much as I loved the moves and the music I found that I couldn’t stay motivated. Many of the instructors were in ​their early 20’s, if found this demotivating because I didn’t look or move the way they did, so I decided I was going to become a 35 year old plus Zumba® instructor! I believe that more people that are just like me and HATE going to the gym! Maybe you can relate? No one wants to feel intimidated by machines they don't know how to use, or feel like a treadmill or recumbent bike is a medievil torture devise. ​2 years after my first Zumba® class I took my instructor training to become a licensed Zumba® instructor! Right away I LOVED teaching, within the first year I realized I wanted more, I wanted to add something fresh, motivating with a holistic approach. I didn't know what that was but weeks later Bellyfit® literally fell in my lap. I didn't only fall in love the second time I found a passion I was looking for. I don't just teach fitness I teach you to find that inner goddess within you and to become the best woman you can be by focusing you inner light and energy.

.....If you feel the same as I do, come join my Bellyfit® and Zumba® classes.   These dance based fitness classes will get you to your fitness goals without   stepping into a gym! You do not need to have any experience in dance or   fitness just come out to a few classes, move your body and watch how many   calories you will burn. I guarantee you will have a blast!......

But wait ... That was in 2012, what is going on now??? ​ Well... 4 years after jumping in to this holistic lifestyle I decided that not only did I want to help women find their passion for fitness and find their inner goddesses, but I realized that I truly wanted to help people in a profound way. I decided to take my passion for holistic fitness a step further and became a holistic practitioner. This way I could help not only women but everyone in trying to help and heal their bodies from the inside out.

With a new found sense of purpose and vigor, I opened Fit Fab Holistic Therapies in April 2016. At my location at 487 Provencher Blvd I provide holistic services such as Foot & Hand Reflexology, Indian Head & Face Massage, Hot Stone Therapy to help in aid in your health care along side your regular routine. I love hearing how my treatments help clients feel relaxed in invigorated after a treatment, helps me know I am on the right path! ...........I find my passion for fitness and for holistic care is where I need to be and I cannot wait to see you on the dance floor on in the clinic....

Let me help you feel FAB!